The Co-Founders
Kristina Melnichenko and Bahar Boroujerdi are friends who complement each other’s style: Bahar brings her beachy chic style from Orange County and Kristina brings her trendy glam look from Los Angeles. They have always bonded over their affinity for hats and founded Caviilou to share their love for stylish and affordable headwear with the world. 
We hope you enjoy our line and create unforgettable memories in your CaviiLou hats! Remember, when you wear CaviiLou, the memories stay with YOU.
- Kristina & Bahar
About The Brand 
CaviiLou specializes in handmade hats inspired by seasonal hues. Our hats add color and dimension to your outfit and take you on a trip to the hottest destinations. Whether you’re trying to stay in or stand out, trust Caviilou to make you look like a star! 
Designed / produced in LA, and led by our cofounders Kristina Melnichenko and Bahar Boroujerdi.